21 September 2021
Seaplane crashes into Lake Washington in Seattle, both passengers uninjured, authorities say
CHOP - Protesters move to the Eastern Barricade and face off with Police.
One protestor has been arrested and at least one flash bang grenade has been used to try and disperse the crowd of protestors at Broadway & Pine. SPD has announced dispersal orders multiple times. komonews
A look at things early this morning in Capitol Hill where protesters and police have been face-to-face since the CHOP was cleared. This scene is quite similar to what we saw leading up to CHAZ/CHOP
Police have moved forward using violence, sticks, and OC spray on Broadway & Pike The white line is no longer the line people aren't allowed to cross
Piling on top of protester, refusing to get off their neck as people scream to get off
More officers gearing up 12th and pine
CW - Police Brutality in Seatle CHOP
Individuals in crowd are throwing bottles at officers. Officers deployed pepper spray and are making arrests
CHOP WesteenBarricade - Police and protesters continue to clash on Broadway
Seattle Police Dept:Officers making arrests at intersection. Police continue to give dispersal orders
Someone pulled down the police tape barrier at CHOP border. Police are asking folks to move back so they put the tape back up
"I am pleased to inform everyone Seattle has been captured," begins @PressSec. "Anarchy is anti-American."
Police have swarmed the CHOP. Area is locked down. Massive cleanup underway. Protesters remaining "subject to arrest." @KING5Seattle
Happening now: SPD SWAT vehicle moving into CHOP zone Q13FOX
Seattle Police: It appears individuals are setting off fireworks near Pine/Broadway
[email protected] working to clear tents in Cal Anderson Park. S:
Tons of Seattle police cruisers waiting at 11 and E Pike #CHOP
Seattle's CHOP being cleared by police. The Mayor ordered people to leave. Some officers can be seen wearing Riot gear.
People refusing to leave the CHOP zone are being taken away in handcuffs. Police are moving their way around the blocks of Capitol Hill making their way to the East Precinct where protesters are still refusing to leave
CHOP seems quiet now. This mornings operation by Seattle Police appears successful. The East Precinct is reclaimed
Walked around to E Pine and Nagle. Cal Anderson fields look to have been mostly cleared. You can see the former core area there in front of SPD East precinct is cleared of people.
Police seem to have cleared majority of CHOP. Holding a line at Pike for several blocks.
SPD tearing down some tents outside their garage entrance at CHOP behind the police line
Ambulance just showed up at SPD's West Precinct— Paramedics got out. This after an SPD van arrived moments ago.
And a Seattle Fire truck is here at the @SeattlePD West Precinct.
Here's video as police cleared 12th Ave. after issuing a dispersal order in Seattle's CHOP shortly after 5:00 am.
Demonstrators have been moved out of the CHOP zone. Some remain here just outside of it because they're not ready to leave
Protesters have started chants CHOP seattleprotest
Not a ton of protesters here but a ton of police with their BearCat— one protester being detained inside the police line CHOP seattleprotest
Seattle Police were in the city's CHOP area Wednesday morning ordering all protesters to clear the area after Mayor Jenny Durkan issued an executive order essentially declaring CHOP over
More video of @SeattlePD moving people out of the CHOP this morning.
Seattle Police have retaken the East Precinct
CHOP - Police instructing protesters to leave Southbound on 12th Avenue stating an emergency order effective at 2am. Protesters are not leaving at the moment.
CHOP - @SeattlePD has secured the perimeter of the East Precinct.
Arrests have been made. Protesters are being told to leave or be arrested. Police are being met with resistance. Pepper spray has been deployed. Some protesters did peacefully leave and others are still refusing
At least 10 arrested as Seattle police move into the 'CHOP' Wednesday morning
Demonstrators continue to react as Seattle police work to clear out the CHOP zone pushing protesters south on 12th. Some are refusing to leave and we are seeing traffic cones and other objects flung in the air. Other protesters have gathered right outside the CHOP zone
cone thrown at police. Protestors trying to barricade w toppled porta potties.
SPD pushing through CHOP. Saying leave or you will be arrested. Have seen some pepper spray used in front of East Precinct.
Due to ongoing violence and public safety issues in the East Precinct/Cal Anderson Park area
More than a half dozen people cuffed and escorted from CHOP in Seattle in the last 20 min.
After issuing multiple dispersal orders to clear the area, officers have begun making arrests at 12th Ave/Pine Street
Seattle Police are here at 12th and Pike with riot gear. Protesters are reacting we are seeing many move out of the CHOP zone
Large police prescence rolling up on CHOP telling protestors to clear out and disperse
Seattle police have a heavy presence here outside of the CHOP zone. Police are moving barricades
Current scene at the CHOP. Heavy police presence just showed up.
Seattle Police just entered CHOP to clear it out. Chief Carmen Best is here. "You have 5 min to disperse." Mayor issued an executive order declaring "the gathering in this area as an 'unlawful assembly' requiring immediate action" including from SPD.
Seattle Police: Due to ongoing violence and public safety issues in the East Precinct/Cal Anderson Park area. Mayor Jenny Durkan has issued an executive order to vacate the area. Seattle police will be in the area this morning enforcing the Mayor's order
Armed group currently approaching officers at 12th Avenue. Police are giving continuous orders to disperse will continue providing safe exit from the area to the south
A 37 year old male told officers he had accidentally shot a round through the wall while cleaning his gun. The male was arrested for Unlawful Discharge of a Firearm in the City, Felon in Possession of a Firearm and an unrelated Court Order Violation
Tacoma Police are investigating a shooting at the Rembrandt Apartments located in the 200 block of St Helens Avenue.
Detectives are investigating a shooting at a Renton park late Tuesday night that sent two people to the hospital
1 year ago
Police tell this was a drive-by shooting. Someone opened fire on a group that gathered at the park to commemorate someone tonight. 2 people shot and transported to Harborview
Second patient being loaded into a TriMed Ambulance. @RentonpdWA have a section of Coulon blocked off from the north enterance to the north1 year ago
Second patient being loaded into a TriMed Ambulance. @RentonpdWA have a section of Coulon blocked off from the north enterance to the north
KingCoMedicOne transporting one patient to Harborview where a reported shooting happened north of the Ivar's at Gene Coulon Park
States this was a drive by shooting while a group was gathering in memory of someone. PD states multiple shots fired. Still investigating, a small group remains at the park and is cooperating
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